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Gold Investment Up 489 Percent Since

Investors see gold as a hedge against war and from the potential
destruction of wealth from an international collapse of the dollar and a
subsequent economic breakdown.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWeb) May 1, 2007 -- With the National Debt at $8.5
trillion and rising, gold has an upside potential that has not been seen
since the 1980s.

"Now is the time to invest in gold," said Kevin DeMeritt a top gold
investment advisor of Lear Financial, the parent company of Gold Central,
one of the top gold coin companies in the U.S.

Gold has outperformed the S&P 500 for the past five years in a row. When
an investor buys gold it lowers the risk in their investment portfolio. In
addition, the performance of CDs and savings accounts can't match the
gains that gold has made.

With gold prices holding steady investors believe now is the time to buy
because gold is predicted by experts to still have the explosive upside
potential of reaching up to $2000 per ounce.

"$50,000 in the bank today transferred into gold coins at today's prices
would be worth about a quarter of a million dollars in ten years," added

Investors know when they convert money to gold all they are really doing
is transferring its value from a declining paper currency to a precious
metal that is rising in both market value and numismatic value.

There are essentially two broad categories of gold investors: those who
want to hedge disaster and those who simply want to make a profit.

"I consider investing in American Eagle gold coins to be the best
opportunity right now," said DeMeritt. "While gold stocks are up nearly 500
percent, investment grade gold coins (those that carry a grading of Mint
State (MS) 63 or higher from the grading agencies PCGS or NGC) are still
gaining in value."

To own gold directly, investors can buy common gold coins or small bars
of gold. Common gold coins are known as 'bullion' coins. The most
popular of these gold coins now is the American Eagle gold coins and
they cost just a few dollars more than the current price of gold.

To learn more about investing in gold coins and gold bullion through Gold
Central call 310-656-3272 or visit www.goldcentral.com.

About Gold Central
Gold Central, a division of the precious metals asset firm Lear Financial,
Inc., is dedicated to providing Web investors with all the pertinent
information and tools needed to securely purchase, sell and trade gold
online. GoldCentral.com offers a diverse suite of intelligent investment
resources including real-time pricing, regular e-mail alerts, newsletters,
and a live staff available to answer real-world questions. Gold Central not
only enables investors to stay current on the latest developments in the
gold market, but also gives investors the flexibility to move gold as
expeditiously as conventional paper investments.