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Victorinox Rolls Out $50,000
Gold Swiss Army Knife

13/08/07.  It would seem that there's a trend among the manufacturers of
various devices to come up with certain products that are manufactured
from the most expensive materials available, like gold, platinum, various
gems, etc. and sell them for the most outrageous prices, the main targeted
segment being represented by those people who simply don't have
anything else better to do with their money.
And the latest company to join this "select" group is Victorinox, who has
just announced the launch of their Victoria collection, which includes 2
models, one in gold and the other in platinum and one more expensive
than the other.

According to the company, the Victoria collection is meant to honor and
celebrate the 120-th anniversary of Victorinox. And in order to properly
mark this event, the manufactures of the very popular Swiss Army Knife
have commissioned to Bonfort the manufacture of this very limited edition
(just 120 pieces worldwide), a true homage to the device that brought
Victorinox its long lasting-fame (not to mention loads of money).

The two devices in this series are both based on the 74-mm Executive-type
Victorinox army knife, but, as mentioned earlier, the main materials used
are extremely expensive. Thus, the Platinum model has the shells made of
pure platinum 950, inset lengthwise with 430 flawless diamonds according
to IF-VVS standards and a Wesselton top, with a total weight of about 4
carats. The Yellow Gold version has pretty much the same design, with
only one major exception: the platinum has been replaced by yellow gold

Other than their component materials, the two devices provide pretty much
the same features, as they both incorporate a large blade, a small blade, a
nail file and nail cleaner, a pair of scissors, an orange-peeler with
screwdriver, a ring and tweezers.

However, the really shocking thing about these items is their price tag.
Thus, the Yellow Gold version will be available for around 50,000 US
dollars, while the Platinum version will sell for a whopping $75,000. I don't
think I have to tell you what this money could be used for in the real world,
do I now?